Enhanced Audiovisual Experience

I’m MelonadeM. You can call me Melon if you’d like.
I’ve been producing music for 14 years on and off, and have been creating content and assets for various projects for about 7 years now.


Born in 2000, I grew up in Romania, living with a musical family, with both of my parents being singers, performing at many weddings and gigs. I quickly caught on with the basics on a toy synthesiser keyboard that I got when I was four years old.

At the age of 9 I had downloaded a free piece of software called Mario Paint Composer. From there, I had learned a lot of the basics of harmony and I found out that I have a good ear for transcription, having transcribed various popular video game songs from the time.

Two years later, I had discovered FamiTracker, a tool for creating 8-bit music for the NES with ease. I have quickly learned how to use it and have since mastered it and its many derivatives and forks. Being familiar with how to create music with a limited sound palette, thanks to Mario Paint, I was quickly able to adapt to FamiTracker.

Creating harmony out of so little is perhaps one of my stronger suits, using implied harmony, arpeggios and other techniques to do so. Of course, eventually, I was quite familiar with the process.

Around 2014 or so, I had joined a large chiptune community called Battle of the Bits. It was here that I’ve learned so much about music creation and the ins and outs of various systems and sound hardware. Almost ten years later, I’m still active in the community occasionally. I’ve managed to familiarise myself with so many different esoteric tools, to create music for many different kinds of computers and consoles – from NES to the Mega Drive, from the GameBoy to the Atari 800 computers, from the SNES to the Amiga and beyond.

2015 was when I first started using a proper Digital Audio Workstation (DAW), FL Studio. Version 12 of it was freshly released at the time, and I downloaded it and learned it. Eight years later, it is still my main tool of choice, just with… eight years of experience that I didn’t have back then.

I didn’t have the money to afford many of the popular plugins like Kontakt or Serum, I had to rely on a lot of free soundfonts and plugins like Dexed, which wasn’t easy to use. By 2017 and 2018, though, I was able to start earning an income for my music, which allowed me to afford many of the great VST plugins I had wanted to use for a long time.

Being part of so many projects, both ongoing and finished has given me an incredible amount of experience, working with people, tailoring my music to their requirements, going against my better wishes for some ideas to better fit their needs, communicating ideas effectively and having a quick turnaround time for all of this. It is difficult, even with the experience, especially as of now since I am much less available due to work and college taking the majority of my free time up.

I feel incredibly fortunate to have had access to so many tools, documentation and a community that I practically grew up with, all for free.

It’s 2023, and I’m still creating. Either I’m creating with a full score in mind, or I’m just writing a random doodle that won’t get released. Art never stops, and I’m never going to give up my craft as it is truly my passion.

If you wish to know more about my portfolio, I suggest you check out my portfolio page. If you wish to contact me regarding… well, anything, really: go here. Happy to answer almost any question that comes my way!

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