I have a variety of experience in dealing with audio for video games, I have been doing it on the side for about 6 years now (give or take), with musical experience reaching towards 14 years. Below are a few examples of the kind of work I usually create.

(i would like to stress: this page is still under heavy construction! just skip to the contact page if you want to get in touch with me)

Demo Reel 2023, featuring a mix of original compositions, remixes, as well as work for game devs.

Dormiveglia (2019-Present) is a puzzle platformer featuring Quinn in their quest to stop Somnia from collecting the ethereal runes. I have created the Spring Plaza theme and the Clocktower theme, as well as touching up Somnia’s Theme. I brought in a mix of a dreamy 90s atmosphere with bouncy fast-paced rhythms that gets the adrenaline going.

Lazarus Hearts (2018-Present) is a metroidvania platformer that features the protagonist, Ren, in a strange new world, searching far and wide for his friends. Much like with Dormiveglia, I brought in a dreamy 90s atmosphere, with bouncy rhythms that’ll keep your head bobbing. I was particularly aiming for a Playstation 1/Saturn-era sound.

Super Impostor Bros. (2020-2021) is a GameBoy-developed platformer, based on the characters and universe of Among Us by InnerSloth. This is a fan project and it is playable free of charge, the music is entirely original however. Creating music for such a limited system is very challenging, but the end result is a high-energy soundtrack inspired by Rare’s early NES works and Mega Man.

Shapin’ Up (2019) was a game created in 72 hours for the Gutter Jam 3 by the same folks working on Lazarus Hearts. It was a distraction, I created a pretty minimalistic funky soundtrack to compliment its ‘tude-filled sketchbook aesthetic. I think it turned out pretty well.

If you wish to contact me regarding a project you are developing/are helping develop, please head over to my contact page and shoot me an e-mail! I’ll try to respond as soon as I can.

If you’d like to hear more examples, please head over to my YouTube, Soundcloud and Bandcamp pages to hear even more examples.

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